Alexander Farley

Available at $800 CAD/day

I'm a software developer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My professional interests include railway signaling, computer vision, traffic and web and desktop application development, compilers and virtual machines.

Languages, frameworks and tools: C, C++, C#, Python, PyTorch/CUDA, MFC, WPF, TLA+, AWS (S3 and EC2), Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Ansible, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Vue, Arduino, STM32, Eagle CAD

I can help with:

  • Designing and developing software
  • Bringing new products to market
  • Testing, identifying and fixing design issues
  • Assessing and providing guidance on product development plans

I have significant professional experience with the following domains:

  • Tuning and calibrating thermal control systems
  • Tracking objects with computer vision
  • Controlling moving systems (actuators, motors) using electronic feedback
  • Developing IoT devices

Right now, I'm working for Vital-Sim while also running my own software business, Roadometry.